Graphic Designer based between Philadelphia (US) and Amsterdam (NL). Working within exhibition graphics, visual identity systems, print and digital media. Previously Senior Designer at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, currently at Studio de Ronners. Open to freelance.

Hanna Karrabi (حنا)

Graphic Designer based between Philadelphia (US) and Amsterdam (NL). more info

Seasonal look refresh for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The design team reimagined on-site signage and off-site digital advertisements for exhibitions and events. The new system is image-forward, featuring an italicized call-to-action and accent colors. A modular grid was necessary to display and emphasize a variety of content. Animations were done in collaboration with Remade, who helped the team realize a motion-language to apply across off-site ads and in-house display signage. 

CREDIT: Images courtesy of the Philadelphia Museum of Art / Designed with James Paris, Mia Paltrow Murray, and Ridge Chin / CD: Luis Bravo