Graphic Designer based between Philadelphia (US) and Amsterdam (NL). Working within exhibition graphics, visual identity systems, print and digital media. Previously Senior Designer at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, currently at Studio de Ronners. Open to freelance.

Hanna Karrabi (حنا)

Graphic Designer based between Philadelphia (US) and Amsterdam (NL). more info

Identity for WIM, a new cafe by YOWIE in Philadelphia. Located on the first floor of a new mixed-use hotel space in Queen Village, WIM is a daytime cafe where Philadelphians can shop, eat, and connect. Playful, elevated, and unexpected were words used by WIM founder Shannon Maldonado when describing her vision for the cafe’s brand identity. Graphic and heavy typography makes a bold statement in the historic neighborhood, while playful illustrations by James Paris keep it light-hearted and welcoming.

CREDIT: Photography by Breanne Furlong, Illustration by James Paris, In Collaboration with Shannon Maldonado