Graphic Designer based between Philadelphia (US) and Amsterdam (NL). Working within exhibition graphics, visual identity systems, print and digital media. Previously Senior Designer at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, currently at Studio de Ronners. Open to freelance.

Hanna Karrabi (حنا)

Graphic Designer based between Philadelphia (US) and Amsterdam (NL). more info

Identity for ReAnimator Coffee Roasters, a coffee company with strong neighborhood ties to Philadelphia. Founded in 2011, the name ‘ReAnimator’ is inspired by a 1980s cult-horror film about bringing the dead to life through alchemy, magic and science—much like a coffee roaster. James Paris redrew and expanded ReAnimator’s quintessential iconography, and I developed a strong supporting type system and guided the overall art directon. This design leans into the Lovecraftian elements of the brand’s origin, while maintaining a contemporary feel with strong graphic elements. 

CREDIT: Illustration by James Paris